From the renowned brand Petstages (U.S.A)

The soothing capsule toy dog is a toy only, developed by clinical specialists in animals.

Because of their small size, this toy is special for puppies and small breed adult dogs.

The Capsule is opened to be filled with candy or goodies that will challenge the talent of your dog and will keep you entertained.

Its texture is used to massage the gums.

Provides focus for your pet.

Make your dog relax your gums challenge of putting the ball out of their favorite AWARDS.

Easy to use just unscrew the central part and enter their premises and tighten again.

Petstages therapeutic Capsule is made a soft rubber non-toxic, which allows you to split chew treats and get your reward and calm your gums sore. When the dog breaks special dog biscuits inside the ball, the pieces out through the holes, giving his reward

Therapy ball reliever dogs comes with a colorful nylon laces.

This toy Therapeutic end use once your dog ends with his prize, we will save until next use.

As with any product, supervise your pet's use of this toy. Check the product regularly for rips or tears there and remove toy if damaged or if parts are separated, while injury could result.

Dimensions: 12 cm x 5 cm

10,58 €