Horse Chestnut – Provitamins

Enhances and intensifies the shine of fawn, flame, brown, chocolate and tortoiseshell coloured coats.

All breeds with fawn, brown or chestnut coats.

A unique formula which combines the colour enhancing effects of Horse Chestnut and tensio-active amphoteric complexes which help lock the Horse Chestnut extract deep into the scales of the hairs.

This beauty care shampoo has been specifi cally developed for its active principles which display, revive and enhance the shine and intensity and warm, deep tones of all shades of brown coat.

Horse Chestnut, rich in flavenoids and esculine, activates and stimulates blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Provitamins add extra shine and hydration.

The colour reviving effect is cumulative, so regular use intensifies the depth of these warm tones in the coat.

Use HAVANE regularly to maintain or rediscover the coat's original tones.

How to use:

Dilute in a ratio of 1:5 with water and apply all over a damp coat. Lather well, leave to act for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Our advice:

We recommend this shampoo for use alone, or as the second stage shampoo in a grooming programme.

13,06 €