Dog carpet is manufactured from 100% polyester on a double frame.

It is particularly strong (even with the dogs usually destructive) and totally incorruptible. Ideal for keeping babies to keep puppies and kittens stay dry and warm.

The carpet for dogs is highly recommended for all fragile animals, convalescents, as a paraplegic older animals or simply cold.

Also used for breeding of babies, puppies and kittens to keep the dry and hot (the liquid passes through the carpet and it is dry on the surface).

Machine washable at 40 degrees, rot, insulation can be dried in the dryer that stays soft and thick.

Hypoallergenic, anti-static, are unfavorable for the growth of bacteria and parasites and mites appreciated.

The carpet dog house will protect the sofas and chairs, car seats or luggage, kennels, etc. Easy to cut with a cutter.



21,90 €